5 Ways to Be Kind To Your Body

1. Say Thank You.

Say thank you to your body for all it has and still does for you every single day. I love starting the day with appreciation by reminding myself of things I am grateful to my body for. Appreciation is a VERY powerful tool for a more positive life. Not only does it bring on positive energy but it also brings us more peace of mind throughout the day. Whenever I feel uneasy or any type of negative emotion I try to stop thinking about the problem and try to think of 5 things I am grateful for in that very moment and the whole vibe shifts. Try it and let me know if it works for you. :")

2. Quiet the mind.

Even if it’s just for a couple of minutes or 30 minutes (there's no right or wrong here), starting or ending the day in peaceful thought, meditation or prayer is a calming and kind way to treat your body. Take a minute to clear your mind and de-stress as you focus on just being, and existing. Clearing the mind and thinking about nothing may seem very difficult to do, one of my tips is to focus on your breath. It's so amazing how once you start shifting the focus from thoughts outside the body into your breath you are more able to just clear the mind and truly allow your body and mind to simply be and relax.

3. Move with intention.

I like to call this 'Mindful Movement'. I feel like when I use words like 'workout', 'exercise' it puts a lot of pressure to do something perfect, or in some specific type of way, hoping to achieve a specific goal....bla bla bla..... point being - it just gets too be too much and by the time I am done thinking about it I am I'm too tired to even get up. So, my tip is to focus on moving my body by doing something simple and that I truly enjoy. After a while of doing this, your body starts craving more and more movement so you will find yourself feeling more and more motivated to get up and do something active and might even move on to full on workout sessions! So even if your day is packed and you can’t fit in a 30 or 60 minute workout session, remember that there are plenty of different ways to move your body. Play ball with your kids, walk around your neighborhood, clean the house, stretch, dance to some TikTok songs, the options are truly limitless!

4. Drink water

Ok, I know this may sound super silly to some, but water can make a WORLD of difference in your body's ability to feel good and function properly. Let alone the fact that around 60% of our body is made up of water and our blood is 90% water, water is crucial for our health and well-being. From feeding our organs, to hydrating our skin, to weight loss, you name it! I personally can always see a huge difference in my energy levels, ability to digest food and ability to perform any active activity depending on how much water I have had that day. So my tip in order to maintain a healthy water intake every day is super simple: keeping a water bottle that I absolutely love with me at all times. I know there are MANY choices of water bottles out there, but I do feel that I am more prone to drink water out of something that is cute and makes me feel, idk, 'cozy' every time I have to take a sip. So I truly suggest you find one that works for you and that you love and start taking that water intake up to the next level to see your body glow from inside out!

5. Listen to Your body

Your body has the ability to speak to you. I know sounds weird, but it really, really does. You know those times when you feel negative emotion? a headache? too tired to move? frustrated or happy? well, that's your body letting you know what's up. It knows when you should keep going and it knows when you need to slow down.

Learning to listen to my body is definitely one of the best things I could've done, but also one of the hardest. I'm the kind of person that just likes to 'go go go' and I certainly struggle to tone it down. Now that I am pregnant and expecting, it is essential that I listen to my body and respond accordingly and the truth is, the more I slow down when my body needs me to, the more efficient I become when I am trying to accomplish things. If you feel run down, allow yourself to rest, curl up with a book, skip the workout, decline those phone calls, just listen to what your body needs and you not regret it. A few things that truly helps me re-energized is Relax, Sleep or do something that is Fun.

I find incorporating hobbies into my daily routine to be one of the most fulfilling, stress relieving things I can do. I just feel more accomplished when I take the time to focus on the things that interest me even if for a short period of time, such as photography, blogging, playing my ukulele, pinteresting, doing skin care, taking a nap, meditating, stretching... the list goes on. The fun part is that once you start this habit, you will find more and more things that you love to do that you might have forgotten somewhere along the way. <3

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