Camila Nakagawa

It may be tempting to define me by only the few edited minutes you have watched me on you tv screen. But let me enlighten you to a new possibility that I have had a full, busy and successful life before, during and after Television . . .


a little bit about me:

Born in Brasil, living in the USA, I am a coffee lover, adventure seeker, adrenaline junkie, soccer player and momma to the cutest puppy named Alisthayer Adonus. My passion for sports and travel has led me to become a successful television personality for my competitive spirit and never give up mentality. With a background in business and journalism, story telling through content creation has always been a big passion of mine. My purpose is to live a life that has meaning and I want to use my platform to inspire others to do the same. Here I will share it all with you - the highs and the lows and hopefully watching my attempt to live and extraordinary yet simple life, will inspire you to do the same. Welcome to my sweet home away from home! XoXo

world traveler

Traveling the world ​and getting myself into new adventures is what keeps me grounded. I have been to many countries, and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. People are always asking me, 'but where do you live?' and my reply is always 'wherever I want'. I am a child of the world and believe life is way too short to be confined in the same space for a lifetime. I am a true believer in the power and positive affects of travel in a human's life that lasts a lifetime. I love exploring other cultures and finding new ways to shift my perspectives. If you'd like to come on an adventure with me get in touch and let's go explore this beautiful world together! Life is too short to stay in one place.

boss babe

From selling Mary Kay lipstick at 13 to my fellow junior high scholars, being the youngest board member of my church to actually build a church community from ground up at 15, to owning my own Holistic Spa in south beach at 22, building my own brand as a social influencer for the last decade, being a semi pro athlete and being the CEO of a digital media marketing agency, being a boss babe, go getter is in my dna. I pride myself in always trying to find the next venture that will help me design the life of my dreams and give me the freedom to live this short life to the fullest.

live 4 what matters

“Live for what matters is my life mantra. When I found my purpose and dedicated my time to it, I became so much happier, and everyone is capable of doing the same. Whether that’s traveling, hiking, or simply taking the time have coffee without distractions, focusing on the things that matter and make you happy is something I’m passionate about, and I love to find others with the same mission as me and share their stories.”

Sports & Music Lover

I grew up playing sports and singing in church or school choir. Soccer was my original love being from Brasil and all it was hard to escape it. I grew up playing on the streets with my cousins until they had to force me to stop lol. Yes, I liked soccer more than my boy cousins. When I moved to America sports was the only way I had to connect with the other kids considering the only English word I knew how to say was 'HI' and 'BYE'. So I dove head first into it until I got to college and MTV scooped up and took me away on a different path. So if I wasn't training for a soccer game, I was training for a 30mile hike up a volcano in Iceland on the challenges. Throughout this process I fully got to understand the importance of fitness not just for looks but the fact that in order for us to attain greatness we must be healthy. Health is the foundation to basically all physical activity I do and I like to utilize my platforms to remind people about the importance of a balanced lifestyle between having fun meanwhile staying healthy.


From modeling, hosting, workshops, social media takeovers, charity events, competitions, commercials, Camila has done it all. Keep reading to see some of her content she's created throughout the years...

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